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LASER machines are sealing bar style shrink bundling machines with the ability to run neutral film in the following formats at a max rate of 20 PPM.

Dimac Laser



F Film Only

Pad and Film

P Pad & Film

Tray and film

T Tray and Film

Tray and film

TX Tray Only

Dimac Laser West Coast Supplies


Simple alternated separation system for the majority of the configurations required by the market. The system works by creating a gap between the products that are being fed and the preset format. Operators can manage the system easily thanks to simple manual and panel adjustments. It is also possible to adjust feeding guides using a counter wheel (optional) to speed up format changing operations.


The sealed film coming from the upper and lower reels is stretched vertically. As the product moves forward, the film unrolls and wraps the processed product. The upper press is located after the sealing unit and keeps the product stable while the sealing bar comes down and the film is cut so as to completely wrap the product.

Dimac Laser West Coast Supplies
Dimac Laser West Coast Supplies


The tunnel is equipped with external regulation to optimise air flow according to the different configurations. Conveyor voltage is maintained constant by a counterweight in the final part of the tunnel.


Capacity/Speed (Packs Per Min) 20 PPM
Format Options Film Only, Pad+Film, Tray+Film, Tray Only


Automatic Film Splicer Option


Cut Film Conveyor

Double Film Roller

Easy Film (Film Rolls Positioned Outside From The Machine Frame

Elau Schneider PLC & HMI

Ergonomic Carton Magazine


Air Conditioning (Control Panel) Automatic Film Splicing
Can Labelling Orientation Case Turner on Board
Film Cutter Extractible Infeed Side Transfer Conveyor
Remote Servicing Rockwell PLC & HMI
Servo Automatic Change Over Stacker
Stain Less Steel Execution UL or CSA Compliancy
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